Anomaly detection Engine for Linux Logs (ADE)

Managing the ADE database - controldb

controldb is a bash script which invokes the correct Java class after setting up the environment needed. controldb provides a command line interface to manage the JDBC compliant database used by ADE.


Use controldb to manage the database from the command line. From the command line you can

Modification of the ADE database through the use of controldb commands can cause severe errors.
Before making any changes, create a backup or test the request on a test system.


Command Syntax

command action
controldb create Creates that database in the location specified in setup.props
controldb delete Deletes the content of the tables
controldb query “SQL statement” Issues an SQL statement
controldb dml “SQL statement Issues a standard SQL statement


The error information generated by a incorrect controldb request depends on the information provided by the actual JDBC compliant database.